Sunday, May 06, 2012

Its time for a short hair cut.

After I chopped my hair off in early 2010 I made a deal with Chris that I wouldn't do a drastic cut for at least a year.  And I officially made it 2 whole years!!  I changed the color and style a ton within those 2 years, but never cut my hair at all except for necessary trims and about 8 inches in December.  But of course I've been pinning new ideas for my next cut.  And I was ready for something short again...and blonde! 

Here are some of the styles I was drawn to and showed my stylist (and awesome cousin) Hannah. 
Please visit my "Beautiful Hair Pin Board" for all image sources.
I went to Wenatchee and was able to go to Hannah's new little salon again for my cut and color.  And since I have Instagram on my phone now I had to take some fun during pictures too.  Hannah chopped about 18 inches off.  The pile of hair looked almost like a little dog on the floor.  LOL. 

And here is my final before and after.   

I'm so pleased with how it turned out.  I've been watching lots of hair tutorials from The Small Things Blog and been trying them out with my new style.  And my favorite so far is with curls.  Hannah also got me some Aquage uplifting foam that adds great volume and texture.  I love that Hannah is always there for me and willing to try anything with my hair.  We have a lot of fun together playing with my hair.  


  1. Love your new haircut and color! You look gorgeous! xxx

  2. Super cute! I wish I was brave enough to chop off my hair, but I am not!

  3. Love the new 'do -- it fits you so perfectly!

    I love a hair change. Always feels fresh & exciting. :]

  4. Holy cow- 18 inches!!! What a rush. I love hair change- nothing helps confidence more than a brand new look! It seems I'm always either growing it out, chopping it off, or adding color :) I love love love your color by the way!

  5. LOVE it! Your new cut is fantastic - so fun!