Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Instagram for the win!

One of the best way's I've been able to celebrate the everyday has been through Instagram.  For the longest time it was only available for the iphone, and I was considering buying one just for this app...for real. But then in early April it was made available for the android market too!  You can believe I jumped on that, and started taking and sharing little square pictures with fun filters like a crazy person.  I've been having fun with my 365 project taking a picture every day, but there is just something special about Instagram.  I think I stop and pay attention to the little things even more than I did before.  Savoring these little square moments. 

April 2012 via Instagram
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This is just one way I'm celebrating the everyday....

Do you use Instagram?  
What's your favorite filter or thing to photograph with it?  
Please share your Instagram name cuz I'd love to follow you too! 


  1. I don't use Instagram, but I keep hearing about it from everyone online and think I might have to invest in the app for my iPhone one of these days!

  2. Looks awesome! Did you do the design yourself?