Monday, May 21, 2012

Guest Blogger: Vee Jennings

My guest blogger today is one of my favorite scrapbookers.  She makes magic with spray ink and cardstock.  Her work and creations just inspire me, and have for years.  And the cool thing about the internet is that you can really get to know people through their blog, their tweets and the things they share. Vee is someone worth knowing. :)   I am so glad she agreed to be part of the celebration this month with a guest post.  I love her perspective on Celebrating the Everyday.  Thanks Vee! 

Thank you Shaina for having me as a guest on your blog today. I am here to share my thoughts and experiences on how I  celebrate the everyday.  I do believe that everyday is a gift and should be celebrated because thoughts equal moments and these moments become treasures.  Everyday for me is a day to be respected but by no means do I expect everyday to be perfect and happy.  However, I do choose to relish in the present and beauty that each day brings.

I celebrate and cherish daily moments with my children daily because I know these moments will never come again.  Our daily routine is a bright light in my everyday.

I find that I am more balanced when I am creating, doing something I love at least once a week makes me a happier person. It is my form of therapy when I am down, it really lifts my spirits and makes me happy that I have a life to documents and share.

Daily I try to take pride in who I am as a person and in what I create for myself and my family.   It truly brings me great joy to create,to be a mother and document our lives.  By celebrating your life everyday is makes you and others around you more positive and that is the path I will continue to live because that is what works for me.
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  1. I definitely agree with you about feeling better when you set aside time each week to create.. I feel whole again after drawing or designing something pretty :) Great post!!

    1. i also loved the line about creating.. thanks for the reminder, vee! :)

  2. I'm a huge scrapbooker, such a great creative outlet Vee!

    xo Shane

  3. She sounds awesome :) Never scrap booked before but I might have to start now! :)

  4. Love the scrapbook page you made, it's beautiful!

  5. I used to scrapbook, but I'm no good at it. Thanks for sharing. :}

  6. What a great way to explaining crafting. I constantly have to tell my husband that if I didn't sew or craft or create at all, I would very easily go insane. Now, if I had the scrapbooking skills like this wonderful woman, I would die happy.