Friday, January 27, 2012

project three sixty five

Day 204:  My go-to breakfast lately: yogurt, oatmeal, grape nuts and whatever fruit I have on hand.  Yummy and good for me. 

Day 205:  New diet plan we're starting to try to hopefully make my stomach/ intestinal pain lessen. 

Day 206:  I took Micah's baby book to get the pages copied so we could give him his actual book. 

Day 207:  Our service group had a special turkey lunch after service.  Nice to get together with everyone. 

Day 208:  Special visit with my new nephew Emerson

Day 209:  My new mug from the dollar store and spearmint tea.  Its making me forget how much I miss drinking coffee; well, its trying. 

Day 210:  We both got paid today and cashed our checks at the store where I work. 

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