Monday, October 10, 2011

Yellow Shelf Project

I am very excited to share another "Stop Pinning // Start Doing" project with you today.  Its another one from my office, which is so coming together!! 

I saw these white shelves with the pop of yellow on the back of them and not only thought they would be perfect for bringing more of the yellow into my office, but totally saw how I could use the idea with what I already had.  I have had two of these tall white shelves from Walmart for years... they have made many moves with me and have transitioned with my style as I grow.  And so I was so excited to use them once again in this space.  

Chris and I took the shelves into the garage and ripped pages out of a magazine and taped the sides to protect them from the paint.  Then it took two full coats of the yellow spray paint to completely cover the backs.  

The next day I pulled all the pages off and moved the shelves into my office.  I absolutely LOVE how they look next to the grey stripes and my purple walls.  The pop of yellow is exactly what I needed and I think it all turned out awesome!  I pulled a couple books, one of my elephants and a plant to create a little vignette for these after pictures.  I'll put the rest of the shelves up soon and unpack some boxes finally!  I can't wait to make this a workable space that I can continue to be inspired in. 

Have you done any project lately??  I'll love to see.  Link me up in the comments!! :D 

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