Wednesday, October 05, 2011

the worst tuesday

Yesterday morning at 4:30 I got a call from Chris.  He had been in an accident in our car on his way to work.  It was raining and he was driving too fast for road conditions and at a sharp turn in the road the car went straight instead of turning. Fortunately he is okay...stiff and sore and bruised, but he is okay.  

The car on the other hand, is a different story. 

This is how she looked at the impound lot when we went to get our stuff out.  The car's nose was squished in the ditch and the front bumper was pulled completely off when the tow truck it out.  We don't know yet if they will fix it or if they will total it.  We're still waiting to hear.  

The part that bothers me the most is that the air bags did not deploy.  I plan on putting a call in to the dealership we bought the car from.  I'm pretty upset. 

I am thankful that my husband is ok.  And a car is just a car.  I know things will work out. 
Its just been a hard couple of days.  


  1. OMG! I'm so glad that he is okay! Wow.. how scary. I'd be calling the dealership as well about the airbags. How scary. I'm curious as to what they will say... let us know if you can.

  2. I'm so sorry!! You are right - it is just a car. Still, I know it's upsetting...been there, done that. (Brandon totaled his previous truck 2 weeks before we made our last payment, but he was not seriously hurt.) I'm glad that he is OK. Everything will work out with the car, one way or another!