Friday, September 23, 2011

Stop Pinning // Start Doing

Today I want to introduce a fun new feature I am starting here on my blog called "Stop Pinning // Start Doing." The idea behind it is this:  many of us are addicted to Pinterest and find so much inspiration there and awesome ideas, but many times those awesome ideas sit on our boards and nothing gets done with them.  I want to take Pinterest to the next step:  DOING!!  

And so begins: 

One of the first boards I created when I first joined Pinterest was called: "Home" and I have since then filled it with pictures of things I would love to see or use or have in our new home.  Things like furniture, and kitchen cupboard organization guides, and how I wanted my home office to function.  And as expected a pattern started to form...colors schemes emerged and project ideas repeated themselves.  

One project in particular was this:  horizontal stripes painted on the walls.  I found myself pinning pictures of walls with stripes over and over again.  
source // source // source
 I've had a plan for a color scheme for my office (based off of this shower curtain) for awhile now, and knew grey would be a prominent color within the space.  So I matched that idea with the stripe project from Pinterest and a plan emerged:  grey horizontal stripes on two walls in my office!!!  

One of the stripe images I pinned was from the ever talented Elise Blaha.  She had done horizontal stripes on her textured walls and gave some terrific hints and tips on her blog post all about it HERE.  Luckily the builders had left a big 5 gallon bucket of the white paint used throughout our house, so we used that.  The measuring was the hardest part...and getting the lines level.  But Chris was a trouper and we worked well together measuring, taping off, and painting the stripes in.  After we pulled the tape on the first stripe I was soooo excited!!  It turned out just how I imagined.  

 After a bit of touch-up the next day I took pictures of the finished walls.  As you can see we took Elise's tip to make sure the top and bottom stripe were white so we didn't have too much cutting in work to do.  You can see a little of my dark purple wall in the first picture too.  :) The colors are really great together! 

So that is my first completed and shared SPSD project and I am so excited to do more!!  
Have you created something based off an idea you got from Pinterest?  Or are you planning one??  Feel free to play along and add this badge I've created to your blog and blog post!  Let's start a movement!! ;) 

download here
And please leave a comment if you create something too and link me up!  I am so excited to take Pinterest to the next level and start using and creating and doing the things I pin.  

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  1. this is an awesome concept girl! and love that you started with such a big project!!! go you!

  2. I LOVE this!! and i would totally be doing it too...if i wasnt in Australia..nothing is the same or as easy to come by...maybe when i get back!! Cant wait to see what else you do! ♥lynds

  3. OK, first of all, I'm not familiar with that website, but I am totally going to check it out now. Secondly, I LOVE the walls!! Good job!