Friday, September 30, 2011

Jimmy and Marla

About a year ago our friends Jimmy and Marla were having a yard sale and selling their Ikea desk for $100.  I had been desperately searching for a desk for my office and the one they had was perfect.  I did not, however, have $100 to spare.  I did have $70 though, and for that plus the promise of a photo shoot, I had a new desk!!  

And now, a year later, we finally got around to the second half of my payment.  Man life gets so busy and time flies by and before you know it, its a year later.  

We got together on a early Saturday morning and had so much fun!  They were prepared with 4 different outfit changes and smiles full of life and love.  These images make me so happy, and I am so glad we made this happen. 

1 comment:

  1. Way to barter, girl! I think they got a great deal. These pics are really good - I love the lake in the background of the last one!