Thursday, June 23, 2011

our anniversary celebration

Yesterday was perfect....

Chris bought me an orchid that I can keep and work.  I think its so beautiful!
And we spent the whole day sending "Happy Anniversary" texts to each other.  We're a little over-the-top cheesy like that.  LOL.

Then when I got home from work he had my gift waiting for me...  He couldn't find the the right anniversary card, so he painted me three canvases to create a card of sorts.  It just touched my heart...

Then we got dressed up and ready for our dinner reservation.  I wore my new favorite dress from Ruche and Chris wore his purple shirt to match my hair. :P  We took some pictures really quick before we left.  These are my favorites.

We had dinner at Michael's in Moses Lake and sat for a couple hours slowly eating and talking.  It was such a gorgeous night and we watched the sun go down over the lake.

It was the best anniversary. :)  I know we've only had 4 but this tops them all.
Thanks for all your kind words and congratulations.
We're so happy being in love....

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  1. Great pics! You guys match so well with his purple shirt and your purple hair! Love it!
    Great blog!