Thursday, May 19, 2011

senior portraits

Earlier this week I had the privilege of shooting some senior portraits for the little sister of a couple of my friends.  She graduates this year and has only a few days left.  "senior-itis" for sure!!
We spent about an hour together near her older sister's apartment and found some fun and unique locations to shoot at.  That is so hard to do in a tiny town where everyone's senior portraits have the train tracks and the same locations around town.  But we used a hallway, a roof, a hidden staircase and some just blooming flowers for some unique and special shots of Ri.

I so enjoyed getting to know her better, and I hope she loves her portraits.  Here are a couple of my favorite ones.

Interested in having me shoot some portraits for you?  See more information HERE.

I hope you're all having a wonderful week.  I can't seem to make time stop enough to blog about what I've got going on.  But that's okay.. its what life is right now.  And I'm enjoying it.
Thanks for popping in and commenting when I do post.  It means a lot.