Sunday, May 22, 2011

the hair diaries: may 2011

Ever since I got my pintrest account one of my favorite boards to fill up is my Beautiful Hair board.  And with my sister's wedding coming up next weekend, I had the perfect excuse to try something a little more daring that I'd had in my collection.  Here was my inspiration:
color: HERE /cut: HERE
Yes.  that is red with purple!  So yesterday my cousin and hair stylist Hannah came to visit and brought with her everything needed to make my inspiration come to life.  We spent hours cutting, bleaching, coloring and rinsing (oh goodness you should see my tub!). And in this end, I am seriously IN LOVE with my new hair.

Now the reveal:  before and after.

I love my baby bangs, the bright red and the vibrant purple.  The peek-a-boo purple streaks just shimmer in the sunlight.

It is so much fun to try new things with my hair.  Hannah and I always have fun creating and experimenting.  I think this one is my favorite for sure!!  This is going to be so much fun at Megan's wedding.  I can't wait to share with my friends and family.


  1. It is gorgeous!!! Love it. So pretty Shaina:)

  2. omg shaina you look soo gorg. i love your hair long. :)

  3. How fun! Welcome to the Ginger Club -- you're so fabulous as a red head. Work it, girl!!

  4. Both the cut and color turned out great!

  5. ooh, super cute! I've been wanting some blue streaks for a while now... as soon as I have some cash to spare I'm doing it :)

  6. love, love, love this!! I have eyed that hair color & style for a while, but a little chicken to actually DO it. That red looks gorg on you!