Friday, April 29, 2011

moving day

today i am thankful for many things.  included in that list are:
  • the keys to our brand new house
  • house-warming presents.  eek! 
  • strong friends with trucks.
  • the internet alive with congratulations.  thank you so much.
we are so exhausted!  with the help of 7 of our friends, 4 trucks (one with a trailer) a van and a little Suzuki we got everything loaded, moved and in the new house in 2 1/2 hours and in one trip!  that's an accomplishment I'm proud of!  and sooo thankful to our friends for.

we treated with pizza and beer.  a necessity on a moving day!  now you wish you'd come to help too, eh? ;)

and i tried to be a good blogger/scrapbooker and took lots of pictures of the process.

first up, all the boxes and things packed and ready to go at the old house.
and then friends arrived and we got to loading!!  we've got 3 couches, 2 bed sets, 4 dressers, a huge desk, dining room table and chairs, 2 big shelf units, tv stand, 2 big living room chairs, a rocking chair, 2 different coffee table sets, washer and dryer, and then all the boxes.  but we were ready to go and things moved smoothly once everyone arrived.

we set up the bed in our new master bedroom and fell right to sleep.   and then this morning I just layed in bed for awhile a little in awe of all that's happened.  Chris and I are homeowners!!  I get to create a home with the man I love and share our lives together within these walls.

I am so content.
now comes the fun part:  unpacking.  time to find new homes for all our things and unpack the boxes I packed back in september.  it will be a bit of a treasure hunt I'm sure. 

thanks so much for all your comments and congratulations. 

and for those who need to change their address books you can now reach us here:


  1. so exciting!!!!!!! enjoy it all!!!

  2. Wait...did you really post your address?? On your blog?? Probably not the best idea in the world.