Wednesday, April 27, 2011

busy week

this has been such a busy week.  this house this is HAPPENING!!  we signed papers yesterday (Tuesday) and get the keys to our new house on Thursday.  And we have been completely packed and ready for like 2 weeks.  I mean literally:  2 forks, 2 spoons and some TP, READY!  lol.  I have pictures to share from along the way this week, but I'm going to do everything in one big post!

for today though, I wanted to share some clips of singers I just loved from the new show The Voice.  Its a cool singing competition with a unique twist... the coaches pick who they want to work with based on voice alone.

here are a couple of my favorites from last night's show.

did you watch it?? who are your favorites??
I'll be back soon with a full "In Search of a Home" post. 
Thanks for all your comments and support!

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  1. I knew nothing about this show...but I love this concept! I watched all three videos...too bad I don't have tv. I'm going to have to start keeping up with this on on line! THANKS!