Thursday, December 16, 2010

things i love thursday

today i feel like sharing and it just so happens to be a thursday... so here is another one of my favorite types of posts for you.

to begin with, i have some yummyness from Flickr.  when i clicked on my favorites the first three that popped up were black and white, so i went with that as a theme today.  there is something about the tones that touch my heart.... in all my months of doing these mosaics i've never done an all black and white one.  i really love how it turned out.

1. People grow up too fast these days., 2. Untitled, 3. IMG_1449, 4. Untitled, 5. ~waiting, 6. Her morning elegance.

a favorite feature that i've discovered since switching to google reader is the ability to "star" posts and come back to them later.  i've got some gems that i've starred and i think you'll like them.
  • this super cute story about a first date at 16 years old.  one of those "awe!!" moments. 
  • this photoshoot which makes me miss fall soooo bad and wish i had taken more pictures in the leaves.
  • i have developed a recent love of design blogs and interiors photography.  this post and photographer are a favorite of mine.
  • these amazing photo lampshades.  a must-try when we finally do have a house to decorate.
  • a terrific layers scrapbooking tutorial.  i wish i was better at this...
i am also super interested in this class Ali Edwards is doing next year all about One Little Word.  i've always been intrigued by the concept of focusing on one work for a year and seeing how it can mold, inspire and motivate you.  i have yet to ever pick one little word of my own.  maybe this is the year....  this class looks amazing!!
and if i was super rich i would buy one of these for myself and all my friends.  the oh-so-classy kate spade book clutch.  how amazing is this idea?? and there are other titles too, so go take a peek!! 
and something else so pretty to peek at??  these amazing underwater sculptures.  i wasted a good chunk of time looking at all of these. 
please enjoy your thursday friends.
we're going out tonight to sing karaoke, and i've got new songs to try!!  :D

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    1. Ooohhh. I love Kate Spade! She's amazing!