Thursday, October 07, 2010

things i love thursday

it is thursday once again... and i haven't done a {things i love} thursday post in awhile.  i've hardly done much posting of any kind, which is sad.  but it also means that i have some fun links and things to share that i've been saving up.

as usual i {love} to start with my current Flickr faves.
1. Still Remains, 2. Untitled, 3. Art School, 4. loner, 5. Untitled, 6. 255/365

i discovered this store which sells the coolest photography/photographer related things.  i think i need this coffee mug and the camera phone lenses for sure!  cool eh??  (also pictured: the photoshop magnets and the magnetic string picture frame.) 
 there are so many fun things to explore on this site.

i am in {love} with these rings

and i totally want to give this tutorial a try once we find a home.  you could use any fabric and any shape as a starched fabric wall decal.  i found this through Danielle Thompson's home tour.  love the clouds she did in her boy's room.  *swoon*

i have also found myself reading and exploring a lot of food blogs lately.  here are a couple recipes i'm eager to try soon.  its still totally summer here....way too hot for my liking.  these recipes will work perfectly. 
Summertime Lasagna
Citrus Salad

and if you're in the mood for some good reads, here is a little list of my favorite blog posts lately:
well, that's it from me today.... its a good mix of finds and things i enjoy while browsing online.  thanks for taking a peek. 
have a wonderful rest of your week. 

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  1. Ohh. Great links! Thanks for sharing!