Thursday, September 02, 2010


once again i was intrigued by a blog post written by my blog-friend and fellow SFTIO Design Team member, Felecia.  she always seems to have the best stuff on her blog.  today she had a link to a quiz with the title What's Your Creative Style?
of course i had to click through and take it too.  you want to also??  here's the link:  QUIZ.

and the result of my quiz:

Creativity gives you insight...You feel that creativity provides insight into your own being. In fact, it is like therapy for you, enabling you to get to know yourself better. You seem to be looking for a way into the mysteries of the subconscious. It’s not really self-expression you are seeking, but rather the tools of self-expression: discovering what your creation will reveal about yourself. Art helps you reflect on, analyze and expand your personality. You long to be creative, and it’s not just because you need to deal with your emotions. It’s the tension between contradictions, and the need to resolve doubt that drives you to be creative. Painting pictures, decorating rooms, arranging shells in the sand — these are all creative processes that allow your introspection to roam. You can trace your life through the different ways you have exercised your creativity. For you, art is there to make sense of life. You are more attracted to artistic activities that demand reflection, planning and solitude, and the personal discoveries you make often provide answers for others, too.

this result rings so true to me.  and i think that's why i love Scrapbooking from the Inside Out so much.  the concept pushes me toward personal discoveries and revelations about life and how i feel about it.  this month especially... ENLIGHTENMENT was honestly a harder theme for me to work with.  but the pages that came out of a month of self-reflection are so powerful and important to me.  i can't wait to continue to share this kit and my pages with you. 


  1. I got the same result:):) I find it to be very true for me too.

  2. ha, I got the same one too! :P Loved this little quiz, thanks for sharing it.