Thursday, August 26, 2010

things i love thursday

just a list of {things i love} today.  cuz that way you get to explore!!
but of course, my Flickr faves to start off with, cuz i can't post without something pretty to look at.
1. don't forget..., 2. Tangerine-Blueberry Medley, 3. B&W flare, 4. Untitled, 5. a special kind of double, 6. Fifty-One.52

and now on to the list!! :) 
  • this was so much fun to watch.  and i love the tattoo idea too.  camera luv! check out all three parts 
  • i am in love with these charms.  i have one i want to get for a certain online friend.  
  • this post really made me think.  maybe it will make you think too? 
  • i really want one of these t'skara's handwriting??  yes please!
  • the effer girls are at it again.  i think i got my page in before the cut off.  hopefully!
  • this etsy shop is so fun.  i love the quotes and also the option to pick your own quote on a product. love the coffee cups.
  • also, just  amazing.  i love my bag i got from them 
happy thursday everyone!!
i have a fun weekend coming up. :)  i'll share soon.

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