Friday, May 21, 2010

today i...

  • woke up early to spend some time with my puppy... he is learning to walk beside me on his leash and didn't have an accident inside at all today.  and he is only 7 weeks today 
  • decided to stop reading the library book i had.  i didn't like the feel of it.  so i dropped it off at the library 
  • loaded the dog into the car and went to work, and im glad i got to work all day instead of just from 2-6.  i really need the hours! 
  • got a horrible e-mail that told me i failed my latest quiz.  that left me feeling pretty miserable.  but i called the school and talked to an instructor.  she made me feel a bit better and told me to give my mind a break for a few days and come at the next lesson with a fresh mind 
  • got an amazing phone call!!!  (details on that soon!) 
  • ate a cheese stick for lunch.  and a couple mini peanut butter cups.  my tastebuds have been wonky lately and things are tasting funny.  :(  
  • had a good talk with my mum.  she always knows how to make me giggle, which is just what i needed.  
  • chris came and picked up spencer and gave me a kiss and a hug.  that helped too.  
  • i finished up the day at work (ten minutes left as i type this!) 
  • chris and i are going out for a date night tonight.  im really looking forward to it.  we seem to just be seeing each other right before we fall asleep, and haven't really talked about much lately.  im excited to "catch up"
  • am hoping to go home after dinner and watch some LOST.  our friends are having a huge series finale party on sunday and we're trying to catch up! 
  • falling to sleep next to the man i am so grateful to share my life with.  
its been an interesting day....
hello weekend!!


  1. Hi Shaina! I wanted to CONGRATULATE you with the DT-spot over at "Scrapbooking from the inside out"... reading your post, it seems like you can use the good news! Have fun and see you around overthere on the boards!!!

  2. It was an amazing phone call, wasn't it?! :) Congrats on making the SFTIO DT! I am so excited to work with you and such a wonderful, talented, group of ladies! I can't wait to learn more about you!!

  3. Hey Shaina!! Congrats on the SFTIO design team spot!!! WOOHOO!! Cannot wait to get to work with you! CRACKED up at your previous post about adding a widgit! Blogging is just one fun discovery after another, no?

  4. So you get to take Spencer to work with you?? How neat! And don't sweat the test...take a break like your instructor said, and you will do great on the next one! :)

  5. Hello Shaina! I too wanted to say congrats on the dt at SFTIO!!! I am so excited to get to work with you and to get to know ya! :)