Thursday, February 18, 2010

{things i love} thursday

1. "love is a place", 2. dreads...three months, 3. peace, 4., 5. sara2, 6. Retro Stef

i have always been drawn to dreads...
there is a permanence, yet a carefree spirit entwined in them. they are memories attached to your person. they are character.
and i love them.

there are a few people in the online world that have traveled along their dread journey and have shared along the way. and i am so intrigued! here are a couple stories in pictures if you're interested.... boho girl & sara janssen.

so who know... maybe once my hair grows out a bit more (which won't take long! its grown almost 1 1/2 inches since i bleached it!) i will try this. you know me and my hair... i'm up for anything!! :D


  1. hello there! so glad my journey has inspired you. you are beautiful and you could totally rock the dreads!! much love xxoo sara

  2. NoooO!! Dont do it to your beautiful hair! Have you not noticed dreads stink!!!

  3. Dreads only stink if they aren't taken care of properly, pretty much like anything else. :)

    Do it! They would be gorgeous on you. I love dreads, just something about them.
    Actually, with as much hair as Neil has... I wonder if I could get him to go for it... :P