Tuesday, January 19, 2010

a lovely time

with monday being a holiday and chris and i both having the day off from work we decided to do a trip to Omak to visit my mum and dad. its been sooo long since we were here. im glad we took the opportunity.

my mum and dad recently got the internet....like within the last week. let me tell you, i NEVER thought they would make that jump! lol. but dad needed it for his work, so that was their reason. but what that opened up for my mum is the wonderful editing world known as http://www.picnik.com/. :) so that's what my mum and i did for the last two days. she is a fabulous photographer who loves to take pictures of flowers especially. so we played for hours with her photos. here are a couple of my favorites.

this last edit was my idea...to put my ttv frame on it. i love how it turned out!!
we also took some pictures together during our visit. i'll upload some of those later, probably tomorrow.

and my mum is involved in my 52weeks shot for this week!!! that' coming tomorrow too. :D i'm excited for this one. :D

thanks mum for a lovely couple days and a special visit. and thanks chris for bringing me.


  1. those pictures are gorgeous!!!!!

  2. Beautiful pictures! I especially love the middle one! I'm glad you had a good visit with your parents. :)

  3. I must be the last person on earth not using picknic... off to check it out!

  4. Gorgeous pics!!! I love them all too but that last one is a definite fave!!!!

  5. those photos are amazing! you're incredible.