Thursday, July 30, 2009

{things i love} thursday
july 30th

is it a beautiful thursday where you are??
here are some of the things brightening my day...

my Flickr faves
i'm calling it: "there is a soft, blurry line between life, love and magic"

1. sandy feet, 2. thousands of souls all stopping together, 3. b&w field, 4. Golden slumbers kiss your eyes., 5. I want to extend my 'self' to that far atmosphere Only my dreams allow., 6. Modern-Vintage, 7. Untitled, 8. Sisters are different flowers from the same garden, 9. Can you play me a memory?

this morning in my usual read-through of all my favorite blogs i stumbled across this piece of writing that just took my breath away...and felt i needed to share:

"following the dimly lit path to the winding staircase was terrifying, i thought you would see me.

the morning air was thick with moisture and the grass was dew covered. the cashmere shawl was not merely enough to keep me warm.

the dark blanket of blu-ish gray laid still and hush over the still small city while i could peer and see a few fireplaces burning. i hurried, i took my shoes off so i would not make any noise.

by the long clear pond of water i spotted you, sitting, waiting. the terrible beating of my heart was so loud i thought you could hear it.... your smile was relaxed as the morning sun began to rise over the lower hills.

i hastily said goodbye to what i knew. there was not one ounce of who i was left. i was changed. but i jumped in, full feet & full heart. there could be nothing else.

my heart stopped beating, i was home."

find this entry and many more things to inspire HERE. you won't regret clicking on that link!

last night i had the pleasure of shooting my friend marta and her sister rebekah again, and this time their mum maxine tagged along. here are some of my favorites from our shoot.

thank you so much ladies for letting me capture some special moments and memories for you. it was a pleasure!


  1. love your photos, the sun flare is so awesome!

  2. aww! my link doesn't work! thank you for the plug! it's nice to make new friends!

  3. ohhh my friends Katie and Steven! love them!

    just saying HI! i havent stopped in for a while. hope you are well gorgeous friend!

  4. This is a lovely post in so many ways! Beautiful words, beautiful photos... :0)