Thursday, July 16, 2009

{things i love} thursday
july 16th

my lovely Flickr faves.... *swoon*
there seems to be more color than lately, and some pretty cute babies.... :)

1. Shades. of. color., 2. the stars lean down to kiss you., 3. Soph, 4. You belong with me, 5. from the bottom of my heart, 6. love you, 7. cedar {7 months}, 8. i morgon kommer jag att flyga, 9. "If you're going to San Francisco, be sure to wear flowers in your hair", 10. What do you do?, 11. "i've been secretly falling apart", 12. ..., 13. Holds It's Color, 14. he poses., 15. after the storm, 16. Paint Me Beautiful. (Explore!)

and speaking of babies, you have to watch this. soooo adorable!

something else that makes me happy today is the fact that chris was recommended for a full-time position with the company he's been working for this summer!! the main boss came and told him of the open position and said he was putting his name in. how cool is that?! especially since pea harvest will be done the end of the week, so any work is awesome.
so we'll wait and see if he gets the job.
this will also help with our little "mortgage hiccup" we've had. they are requiring that chris is listed as a full time employee. he's working the hours, but is technically only a "temporary worker." this can change that, and get the ball rolling again!

i'm soooo looking forward to this weekend! its gonna be busy saturday.
i'm working till 2. then i'm doing a photo-walk with my friend marta. she's signed up as photo-walk leader, and it sounded like fun, so i thought i'd get involved too. use some of my newly aquired skills! ;)
then there is a bike show/music festival happening and then Smashmouth is putting on a FREE concert! how cool is that?? i'm pretty excited.
and i've invited my cousin hannah and her family down for all of it.

and i can feel a change of hair color coming on..... you'll just have to wait and see!!
have a great weekend everyone
<3 shaina


  1. That VIDEO is sooooooooooo CUTE CUTE CUTE!!! LOVE the flicker group too...and congrats on him getting the "permanent" gig!! That's AWESOME! :):):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. The photo walk sounds interesting. I can't wait to see what pics you get from it. And a free Smashmouth concert? FUN!

  3. I love the photos boho photography takes of her baby, soooo beautiful.
    Photo walk sounds fun!

    Good luck to Chris - I'm sure he'll get it!