Friday, July 10, 2009

sunflairs and beautiful smiles...

i was in desperate need of a model so i could get some of my classwork done for my photography class, so i asked my friend mathea if she would get all prettied up and let me take some pictures of her. and they turned out sooo good. i'm very proud of them. here are a few of my favorites i wanted to share.

thank you my pretty friend for letting me take pictures of you. you are beauty.

in other news: hehe
i know its been like forever since i've posted anything. i didn't even do a {things i love} thursday post. :( i've been feeling pretty blah for a few days. just the usual boo-ness that comes 'this time of the month' but i get so drained. yuk. :(

however, last weekend's trip to montana was soooo much fun. total girl time. hadn't had that in awhile. i'm getting some pictures e-mailed to me of us dancing at the wedding. should be good. :P i'll post them when i get them.

tonight we're going out again for karaoke. i'm soooo excited! whoop whoop! we have a fun small-town bar here in soap lake called Del-Red. its the place we always go. "where eveybody knows your name" hehe. and the karaoke DJ is the sweetest old man. too funny! we have a lot of fun. last saturday night the bar was pretty much empty, so we got to sing a lot! and you'll never guess what song i totally rocked!: "oops, i did it again..." -britney spears!! i know right!?? crazy and fun. i'm looking forward to going again tonight. my "classis" song i always sing is "she's in love with the boy" -trisha yearwood.

what are your favorite karaoke songs??
do you get up and sing??
share! i'd love to hear all about it.

have a great weekend everyone.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous pictures, girl!!! Sounds like a fun time kareoking (however that's spelled, lol)!!! "Pictures" duet with Sheryl Crow & Kid Rock...good tune to sing. ;)

  2. I LOVE karaoke!!! It's so much fun! I love to sing "Stay" by Sugarland, and also any Martina McBride song... I'm a country girl! Glad you had fun! The pictures are great of your friend... you are right, she is beautiful!!!

  3. Wow - you are a wonderful photographer!

    Hope you had a nice evening at karaoke. It's been awhile since I've "attempted" (hehe!) that!

    If I'd have to sing anything these days, I'd choose something Bon Jovi - ish :)

  4. Girl, I LOVE the pics! Awesome job! It sounds like ya'll had a great time. Hubby loves karaoke, and I like to *watch & listen*. I do NOT sing. I'd run everyone out if I tried! LOL

  5. Karaoke is fun!....And LOVE the photos you took!! Just gorgeous!

  6. i am almost deathly afraid to sing karaoke, i haaate my voice. i only sing when i'm by myself in the car. but if i had to do karaoke, it would definitely be Mr. Jones by the Counting Crows. looove that one.

  7. Honey, these are so so so so SO beautiful. wow.