Wednesday, July 01, 2009

"i think of cupcakes and i smile." ~dana

gosh, its wednesday already, but i'm still on a high from last weekend! i got invited to abi's mum and dad's 25 wedding anniversary party. it was a surprise for her mum anita. her dad, steve planned the whole thing... right down to the exact replica of their wedding cake. *sigh* so romantic and sweet!
it was a great party. :)
i got to hang out with my friends again...first time since the wedding in may. it was good to see abi, nate, brenna, and dana again. amazing how fast times goes by... but with some people, its like i never left. i feel that way with these terrific people. they are so kind and welcoming.

some other great quotes from this weekend:
"i fear for my dryness."
"something long with strawberries."

for those of me that have known me for a long time you will be no stranger to my "little pink notebook." for many years it was a literal notebook that i kept with me all the time and filled with those memorable quotes... the kind that when you hear again take you right back to those moments. people always would say: "get your notebook, shaina...that's a keeper!" and i did keep em. i have 5 notebooks full of such quotes.

now though, i keep them all in the "notebook" tool on my phone. brilliant i say! i totally have it with me all the time, and its even pink! hehe. i'm thinking i'm going to start incorporating some of these terrific quotes into my blog posts.

everyone needs a good laugh! :D

on sunday i also got to hang out with my other group of peeps in the tri-cities: the American Sign Language group. i went to their meeting and then out to lunch with everyone. it had been too long since i had a chance to visit with them, use my sign, and enjoy an all ASL meeting.

i've heard it said that a talk in english touches your mind and intellect... but a talk in ASL touches your heart. that is so true. there is something so moving about this language. something that cannot be explained in spoken or written words. i feel honored to understand this beautiful language.
i've missed it so.

there was an illustration given about sin. ~ god's destination and purpose for us as humans has always remained to same: perfect life. sin is just the detour along the way. our destination has never changed. ~

another thing that happened this weekend:
my friend marta knows a sister that has a business called Liberating Style. its is a clothing /accessory/ purse company for plus-sizes. she is starting up her website soon and needed some images to upload. so marta called me and asked if i'd model for her. i was sooo excited!!
so we got together downtown on friday night after work and got started with some accessories..mostly earrings, glasses, and bracelets.
dude, i was workin' it; top model style! haha! but i totally had a blast.

marta let me have a cd of the images, so i wanted to share some of my favorite. maybe not the best "model" ones, but the ones that i feel good in.


  1. Loveeeeeeeeeee the quotes....and WOW...I know ASL too!!!!! And U are does touch your heart!!!! CONGRATS on the modeling gig...the PHOTOS are GORGEOUS! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. Work it, it!! ;o) It looks like you had a blast. What fun!

    I wish I knew ASL. The ASL in our area used to be assigned to our circuit assemblies, and I really loved watching them...especially the singing. I have a friend in Atlanta who learned ASL and is in a congregation there. Maybe I should visit!

  3. These pictures are FABULOUS!! You are so beautiful!!

  4. Dang, Girl!!! You're lookin' hot!!! I looove those pics of you!!! So great!
    Love the quotes and that you keep them all! So fun! What a great post!!! I've missed you!!! Hope you're doing great!!!

  5. Beautiful pics, Shaina!....And loved hearing about the ASL meeting. What a neat experience!

  6. You are gorgeous - so pretty!

    Love the idea for a quote notebook - I do something kind of like this, but what you do is even better!

    I've always wanted to learn ASL, I really need to do it someday.