Saturday, June 13, 2009

my tomorrow and yesterday met for coffee
last week at starbucks
because my past is comfortable there
and my future likes the nostalgia of a caramel macchiato

i knew this was going to be the meeting of meetings---
my nervana of perfect understanding

they seems unusually quiet
i sat
waiting for that zen of wisdom
waiting for...


the floodgates of wisdom had opened and
"you remember jackie?"
"yes," my past answered with that knowing smile
"she got so fat!"
"NO WAY! what happened to the 300 crunches a day?"

everyone's life summed up in
3 hours
5 drip coffees
1 green tea
6 divorces
2 1/2 weddings
15 kids
2 breast implants
1 breast reduction
a fire &
"oh remember that girl who dated your ex-boyfriend and ran over his cat-- she died."

they only mentioned me once.
and that in connection with you.

remember that poem you wrote about string cheese and the blue velocity of love?
i guess one day you will leave it at my house and it will get rained on.
the blue ink will seep onto the table beneath,
staining it.
your words, with their meaning bled out, will be thrown away

but i will keep the table.

poem written and given to me by Salma Siddique.
a treasured friend.
i am missing her today....
(written 2007)


  1. amazing poem, I read it 4 times and it is really beautiful.
    so sorry you are missing her-

  2. That poem rocks.....seriously rocks! :):):):):):):):):):)