Thursday, May 28, 2009

{things i love} thursday

its been a couple weeks since i've done one of these... been a busy month
here are my recent Flickr faves. *swoon*

1. fairy light, 2. Untitled, 3. Untitled, 4. Summer is knocking at the door, 5. Lilacs Through The Viewfinder Photo Print, 6. Senior - Brandi, 7. Failed opportunities, 8. sunshine (329/365), 9. Untitled, 10. Untitled, 11. Senior - Brandi, 12. polaroids<3, 13. another fake., 14. Senior - Brandi, 15. Imaginary, 16. I swear by now I'm playing time against my troubles. i've decided i really should be making lists of the things i find during the week so that i have something i can pull from when it comes times to do these posts...
cuz i'm totally drawing a blank. :(
i'm having a bad day.

something happened last night that made me furious!!! kinda ruined my mood today still...
so how bout we turn this into a {things i HATE} thursday! LOL.

so yesterday the copier here at work went out finally...just meaning it needs new toner. no biggie! i just drive a half hour to moses lake and go get some at Staples. so chris and i went after i closed the shop. picked out the toner i needed and went to the counter to purchase it. i had brought a check from the business account to pay for it. filled it out and gave it to the guy... who after running it through the machine, gave it back to me asking for a different form of payment. i was like "what? i don't have another form of payment. its a business account and we have checks." to which he told me i could not purchase said toner because their computer had rejected my check! wtf?? i'm like, "the only resource we have to purchase things for the business is checks! i need this toner to do my job tomorrow!"

i was obviously irritated, so he called over his supervisor Veronica. she was a snobby witch of a woman, who ran the check again for herself and told me the same thing. to which i ask the most obvious and rational question: "why?" she passes me this piece of paper with a number on it and tells me i have to call this number and it will tell me, cuz she 'didn't know.' (retard) so i call the number... turns out whatever bank Staples uses has an insurance company that monitors check purchases to prevent fraud. the automated voice proceeds to tell me there is nothing wrong with my account (duh!) or check (double-duh!) and then the call ends.

so helpful!

am i alone here.... or does this make any sence to anyone??!! they are willing to just give up $275 worth of business because their computer randomly selected my check to reject?? the geeky teenage boy with braces and glasses seemed to agree with me, but kept saying there was nothing he could do.

so i called my boss. who asked if i could use my paycheck that i had cashed earlier to make the purchase. that turned out to be the only solution for the problem. so i bought the toner and left the store fuming!!!

living in a small town, its not even like i have an option of taking my business elsewhere. that's the only place around that carries the toner i needed for our copier. dude....i was pissed! i don't think i've been that mad in awhile.

totally ruined my mood and still has me fuming today!
so...this is all i have to say about that:


  1. OOOOO! That would make me furious too. I mentally kick them for you! Sorry you had a bad day. Hope today was better. See you tonight!

  2. i think that those kind of annoying idiots are thrown in our path just to see how we will react.... truth be told I soooo would have FREAKED too!! LOL
    hope you have a better day!!

  3. I hate staples too!! My bf actually drove there when I said I wanted to go to office depot! After they didnt have what I wanted and we got crappy service, he finally believed me and took me to OD!! And on another note, Im really digging all the blogs you have designed and Im thinking you should do mine too and I can just email you the bling out your blog class info and the pdf someone sent me for the last one, not that you need it! Cause you so rock the blogs, and Im so not patient enough to learn them!

  4. damn that's messed up!

  5. oh nooooooo! that sucks. i hate most retail store, especially the idiots that work at them. (i mean, not just anyone that works retail - cuz i did that forever - i just mean the people that work in retail that are idiotic.) there isn't much that infuriates me more than a bad shopping experience!
    here's hoping you have a WAY better friday!

  6. your rant just rocked my world and made my day- love your anonymous brother

  7. I'm sorry that happened to U!!!! That totally sucks....I hate when that stuff happens!! Thanks for visiting my messy blog...LOL!!! U regret saying "yes" to helping me yet???? LOL :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)