Wednesday, May 06, 2009

dude... check that out!!
on saturday, which was National Scrapbook Day i played along with their blog-hop over at the Hambly Screen Prints blog. and they picked me!! i get a $15 gift certificate to their online shop.
can you say: WOODGRAIN!!
yeah, that's what i'm getting!
can't wait to shop....its been soooo long!

the other thing i did for NSD was over at the Creating Keepsakes blog.
they had a magazine cover download for you to add one of your pages into. here is what i did:
kinda fun!
i didn't do as much on NSD as i had hoped to.
i've been feeling really sick lately. a headache for almost 3 weeks straight now. i'm kinda getting worried about it.

chris and i started a detox diet last friday (just for before the wedding) and he's lost 10lbs and i've lost 7lbs so far. he is so excited about it. its given him lots of energy and he feels better. i'm so proud of him. me: i'm ready for some real food...
and real food is on its way!! hehe!

Nate and Abi's wedding is this saturday the 9th.
they've moved the ceremony outside and we're all going barefoot! even the guys! <3
abi's mum is altering my dress for me and adding some straps. they were here on monday adding the finishing touches to it. i seriously love it. its such a pretty color. hopefully i'll be able to get together with my cousin hannah tomorrow night to color my hair. red! oh yeah! its gonna look so great with the color of the bridesmaid dress. <3 i'm getting sooo excited!

thanks to everyone who played along with us this month over at Scrap Outside the Box! it was a fun prompt eh?? look for a new challenge to be posted soon. its gonna make you giggle and hopefully inspire you too!!


  1. Looks like you had great fun on NSD! Fun!!

    The outside wedding sounds great. My niece is getting married in June and it'll be outside. (weather permitting....crossing my fingers big time!) :)

  2. Yay for Hambly! Can't wait to see what you make with it!

  3. Congrats!! I love Hambly! BTW, I love your blog header.

  4. Hooray on the Hambly!!!!
    An outdoor wedding sounds wonderful! Enjoy!

  5. haha that mag thing is too much fun!

    Annnnd congrats on the Hambly GC! Choose wisely! haha

  6. I'm starting to think you win every contest you play! LOL Congrats!!!

  7. thats a good amount of pounds!
    and barefoot? its like my dream wedding.