Thursday, April 02, 2009

{things i love} thursday

*april 2nd edition*

1. new crafts=LOOOOOVe, 2. Grungy love, 3. cupcake kiss, 4. out of sync, 5. sittin pretty, 6. Positano, 7. new painting, 8. Fields of gold, 9. theresnothingloveliergirl, 10. elsie design tattoo!, 11. Pastel Collision, 12. what's up?!, 13. “If the fish had not opened its mouth, it would not have been caught” ~ Author Unknown, 14. PINK!, 15. and you realize one day, 16. Have Fun Umbrella

here are my Flickr faves from this week.
things are kinda crazy around here right now. preparing for the audit is in full swing. :( still surrounded by files! and i think i'm getting sick again.... this mold idea is looking more and more plausible! not good.
so this is all i've got to share for now.
i miss you blog-land!!

be back soon.... <3


  1. totally made me crave a cupcake with icing and psrinkles. thanks angela

  2. im so surprised you didnt have any of those feet pictures in your favs!! they were amazing!! i share a lot of those favs with you :-D

  3. Hi Shaina! I just wanted to let you know that you are my winner from the Pink Paislee blog hop. Please send me an e-mail at that has you mailing address so that we can get your prize pack in the mail! Congratulations, and thank you for participating! :0)