Thursday, February 19, 2009

i love my phone even more now!!!

today i figured out how to sync it with my computer and add music to it!! YAY! now i can take it to they gym with me and not have to listen to their music. :) that's great news!!
so what am i listening to, you ask??

-well, adele, but that's kinda a given right now! lol
-i've got pink's new album...funhouse. its seriously awesome! one that you can listen to over and over on repeat. great mix of ballads and dance tracks. i luv her voice.
-david cook. last season's American Idol winner. great album! (anyone else excited about this season?? seems to be a lot of talent!)
-toby lightman. never heard of her?? check her out! i've got two of her albums. kinda folky popish. great lyrical content and inspiring!
-beyonce' single ladies. cuz you've gotta have it for workin out. great dance track!
-ashlee simpson. just cuz i *heart* her. always have...probably always will.

that's all i've added so far.
so i'm needing some good "work out" songs.
any suggestions?? help me out ladies!!


  1. I've been adding songs to my new iPod today. I downloaded David Cook's album - Love it!

  2. What a cool thing! I need to get something so that I can listen to music while I'm riding my bike.

  3. Oh, I am so behind on music. I listen to the radio when taking quick trips here and there with my baby. I love to check out iTunes for different top lists and new songs.

  4. dude. beyonce's single ladies. helllls yeah! hehehe

  5. I have SO much music on my Curve! Let's see ... Nickelback? Yeah, I'm addicted... Have to agree about Pink - she is one awesome woman!
    How about some Michael Buble for a cool down? Puddle of Mudd & Theory of a Deadman for crankin' ... Neo? Have you heard Elsie's boyfriend, Jeremy Larson?

  6. hey, its your brother (i forgot my name and password for this thing) try anberlin and coheed and cambria...kind of upbeat rock ballad type music
    -love ya

  7. How fun!
    I don't really have any suggestions, unless you like Christian music, then I can give you lots of favourites!

  8. What a great phone! I need to get something like that, too.

  9. haha, if I ever actually make it to a workout stage, I will let you know what I listen to!

    BUT I love single ladies! I jam to that in my. Well, I "dani jam" and it's not a pretty sight. but it's fun!