Wednesday, February 11, 2009

great news
& an update

the computer is back and SO AM I!!!
yay! i missed the online world so much... all my friends, and the inspiration.
so glad to be back!

so i guess its time for some updates!!

1. the Adele concert
was amazing!! she seriously blew me away. fun little venue that made the concert up close and personal. and she won 2 grammy's on sunday! GO GIRL!!
i have pictures, but they won't upload. :( i will share them as soon as i can.

we went over to our friend's marta and erich's for a party. there were so many people there, it was a total blast. we didn't really have a team we were going for, but close games are so much fun to watch!
good friends, good food, good football!!

3. the computer
turns out there was over 1800 viruses on this baby! the computer guy said it was the second worse he's ever seen. yikes! its still not recognizing the printer, so i have to take it back to him over the weekend, but he should be able to figure it out soon.

4. a month worth of diyptchs
so the only posts i've made recently are from the project that dani and i are doing together. it has seriously been so much fun creating with her. i've got a few more days to post, but i will get to that later. you can also see all of them on my Flickr.

5. movies
i've seen some good movies recently. i don't usually post about what i watch because i don't want to offend or stuble anyone, but there are some really good ones out right now. :)
  • YES man was hysterical. i think my mom would even like it!
  • 'he's just not that into you' as good as i hoped it would be. awesome mix of actors and a fun twist on the typical "love story" totally going again ASAP!
  • inkheart was pretty cute. i went with some young girls from the hall. we had a good time.
  • seven pounds. sad and perfect. <3
i wanted to see bride wars but missed it. just have to wait for that one on video. :)

6. the boy
so he got the job with the school distict driving bus, but he's actually only a substitute for now. there is hopes of a full time route opening up next school year, but that means its not really steady pay. and he only gets paid once a month, so things are REALLY TIGHT right now. food bank~ here we come.
he also got really sick last tuesday. like seriously sick. he hasn't been this sick since i've known him. i was pretty worried. also snorting zicam and taking vitamin C like theres no tomorrow. but alas, i just can't stay away from him and caught a bit of the bug too. started yesterday morning. today is a bit better. i can swallow without grimasing.
we're planning on going to wenatchee this weekend. chris has tux fittings for the wedding in may. excited!
he is also working on stuff with his band again. they're thinking of doing a gig for the grant county fair in august. he even started lyrics on a new song today!! :D

i am so in love with him!

7. family
my sister megan is officially living in australia!!! i'm so proud of her. she called me last week and sounded so good. she seems to have got in with a good group of people and is enjoying service and meetings. she called to tell me about a good service experience! :)
micah seems to be doing good way up in northern alberta. we talk a lot, and i'm really glad. i miss him sooooo much. we're planning on getting together sometime this summer. i can't wait!
little katrina won gold at her last figure skating competition. i'm sorry i missed it hun! i'm really proud of her.

8. and me
well, like i said above, i'm seriously sick today.
actually amazed at how much i wrote! haha.
there is probably a lot more i'm not remembering. but i'm back, so i can post about it later.
i'm so glad to be back!!!

i've missed you all.
so tell me what's new!!??


  1. Welcome back, girlie! It's nice to see you online again. I'm sorry to hear you're sick - hope you're all better soon!


    1700 viruses??!?!?! Wow.

    I saw "He's Just Not that Into You" last Friday nite with a bunch of girlfriends. Loved it!

    Hope you're feeling better!! We've been battling it too. Hubby is sick again and been fighting it on and off since November. No fun.

    You've been missed. (In case you haven't noticed with all my messages, lol.)

  3. welcome back! thanks for the movie reviews! angela