Friday, December 19, 2008

...its been like a week since i've posted.
and its been a rough week.

i don't wanna talk about it....

so anyway, chris's mom had surgery on her foot last week, so we went for a couple days to spend some time with her and "keep her from vacuuming." (quote from dad!) we had a nice visit. i also got to go to a craft store in wenatchee while we were there and pick up some new scrapbooking supplies. i'm working on a little mini-book from our 'stay'cation a couple months ago. should be fun. its been SO LONG since i was able to buy anything new. made me smile. :D i've also got a fun full day of scrapping planned on the 1st with a couple friends. i'm soooo looking forward to it.

i read this morning that dear Mandi's grandfather passed away. i just wanted her to know i was thinking of her. <3

i wanted to write a little bit about the love of our congregation here. they have been so supportive of chris and i through this rough, financially tough time. just last night a few families got together and went "shopping" in their cupboards to get some groceries together for us, and gave us cash and a gift card to safeway. and last week, a sister gave us the full amount of money we will need for chris to take his school bus driving tests (which isn't cheap!). sometimes the love of jehovah's organization blows me away. they truly CARE and LOVE and SUPPORT. it is humbling to experience such love. that is what it means to be part of a brotherhood. and we thank jehovah every day for that!

well, now i'm gonna eat some lunch and do some scrapping.
have a terrific day everyone!!!

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  1. Isn't our brotherhood wonderful? Jah always makes sure we're taken care of! :)