Thursday, December 11, 2008

man... i been kinda MIA

but now it feels like i've got tons to catch up on!

its been a nice week. i got a TON of my classwork done. getting into some pretty in-depth stuff now. gotta buckle down. but i'm still really enjoying it. :D

we had a celebratory dinner on saturday night and had a couple from our hall over for dinner. chris cooked pork ribs and i made rice. turned out soooo good. then we played a round of skip-bo and visited. it was really nice.

on sunday we got invited over to another couple's place for dinner after the meeting. there was a small group of brothers and sisiters together, talking, visiting, and getting to know each other. lovely meal! and then for desert they treated us to something we'd never heard of.... chocolate pasta. pretty tasty!! mixed with ice-cream and berries...made a lovely desert. :)
it was such a nice evening. :)
i even got my new friend marta addicted to flickr and picnik! yay!! :D

chris and i have been getting to know another new couple in our hall a bit more lately. casey and mathea. he's been out of town for a couple weeks training for his new job so we've had mathea over a lot. :D she's so much fun. on monday she came over and brought a few movies and bought pizza! fun night!! then last night we had planned on band practice in wenatchee (which didn't end up working out) and asked her to come along. we hung out with our friends at the raven, and then walked the ave. it wasn't even that cold out. i'm so glad we're becoming good friends.

another exciting thing that happened yesterday is that my boss have us our bonuses!!! so with the money (and the credit i had with verizon) i got the new phone i've been wanting soooo bad!!! the LG Dare. and i got a pink cover!!
totally IN LOVE.

isn't it the cutest thing you've ever seen?? :D

so this week is our CO's visit. chris and i got to go in service together yesterday morning. it was so nice. and so tonight we have out bookstudy and service talk. it should be good. i love our CO. he is the same one i had for the last 3 years before we moved here, so i know them both really well. i was so excited when i heard they were going to be here now. awesome!
so i'm looking forward to the meeting tonight.

and just a quick question: did anyone else cry at the house episode this week?? i mean seriously....

alright all!
<3 ya.

oh, PS. my cousing whitney is starting her own photography company. i've got the link to her blog in my sidebar. today she had me do a re-design for her blog. hop on over and check it out!! :D


  1. Lots of stuff to comment on...let's see if I remember it all. LOL

    Chocolate pasta...never heard of it. Sounds interesting. If it's chocolate, it's got to be good, right??

    COOL new phone! I love the pink. I have to get us new phones, but I've had a hard time picking out what I want. Decisions, decisions...

    I love making new friends in the congregation. That's great that you guys have made new ones! :)

  2. Rockin' cool phone! That picture of the chocolate pasta looks good. I'll have to get more of that!