Wednesday, November 26, 2008

congrats my friends!!!
over the weekend our good friend nate proposed to his girlfriend abi. he planned out a whole scavenger hunt for her to do, leading her to places they've spent time during their courtship. then the last clue led her to a park where they first met. that's where he proposed!! and she said: YES!
then they went back to her parent's place where chris had been all day preparing a special meal for them... chicken picata. (its his best meal...seriously!) they had a little candle-lit dinner just the two of them. our friend vinny was the "waiter."
i had to work, so i missed the actual proposal day, but i went down to kennewick on saturday afternoon. they had a big family dinner for them, and just included chris and i. it was so nice to be involved in such a special moment for our friends.
we stayed over saturday night and spent all day sunday with them too. they had meeting at 4 so we got the whole morning to hang out. we watched wall-e (so cute!!) and had family study. interestingly the watchtower was about marriage. rather apropos! ;)
they have also invited chris and i to be in their wedding party! we are so honored and excited!

love you guys!!

it was a fantastic weekend.

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  1. how exciting! savanna bakala got engaged on saturday too! I'm busy baking cakes for the engagement party i'm planning for this weekend. check out the cake i am going to make ( this one is a cupcake, but mine will be 9x9 squares. so excited!