Monday, November 03, 2008

the circuit assembly and a crazy kitten

that about sums up our weekend!!

chris and i already had been to sunday of the circuit assembly in omak at the beginning of last month, but we were still so eager for our own. i took tons of notes! the theme for the assembly was from Rom 12:21 "Keep conquering the Evil with the Good." it was full of thought-provoking parts, encouraging experiences, new perspectives on things that we know, and for our little family, direction towards some new goals.
here are some of my favorite points:
  • we can be "fortified" against evil with 4 provisions (like the 4 walls of a "fort") from God. 1) his word the Bible 2) holy spirit 3) the congregation with its "gifts in men" 4) prayer
  • nothing we face in inapropriate for prayer...when we don't know what to do, really we do know: we pray.
  • we can recieve power to conquer evil today through genuine godly devotion.
  • the goals that we set need to be smart: S= specific, M= measurable, A= attainable, R= realistic, and T= time-bound.
  • true permanent relief from evil is promised. Matt 19:28 in speaking of the paradise calls it a 're-creation.' things included in this re-creation: 1) a global cleansing 2) any extinct species can be created again 3) every human resting in God's memory will be resurrected.
  • all Jehovah asks of us is our best...he knows that our best is not the same as anyone else's and that it might now even be the same as it was before because life changes.
  • we can strengthen our faith by improving the quality of our personal Bible reading. it needs to be reverent, unhurried, and worshipful reading.
the district overseer was and incredible speaker. i could listen to him for hours. his closing prayer touched my heart....
it was a beautiful assembly.

now on to the kitten!.....
we were able to stay at derek and nina's apartment in kennewick for the weekend. they were out of town, so we had the place to ourselves...and their kitten. oh my word!! CRAZY CAT!! he is so spoiled and not trained very well. needs a lot of attention. i'm not really a big cat person, and apperently he realized it because he felt the need to attack me whenever i walked by him. we went to bed and just closed the door to let him have free range of the rest of the apartment. but NO....he wouldn't have that. he sat outside the door and literally wailed for 2 hours straight. so then chris gave up, got up, and opened the door. then all he did was attack our feet, crawl all over us, play in my hair, stand on our faces, drink water from my cup on the nightstand, claw at our fingers, and make noise. we got NO SLEEP!! needless to say it was a rough night. i'm cured...i don't want a kitten! :P

so how was your weekend??

tonight we start a new book in our American Sign Language bookstudy. i'm so excited. we're doing the new learn from the great teacher book. we just finally got our DVD copies of it this weekend so we can have our study. we were worried! i'm so excited. and proud of my hubs for the job he does taking care of our little group. :)


  1. The assembly sounds awesome. I'm ready for ours now! And the kitten...LOL! It's easy to forget how crazy they can get. Our cats are 11 & 12. Maybe if you guys really want a cat you should just adopt an adult from a shelter. :)

  2. Wow, that sounds like a wonderful faith filled weekend. I really love the point about reading the bible unhurried and worshipful. SO true. I hate when I get into a rushed mode with the Lover of my Soul.
    Ha ha - I'm not a cat person either. That one sounded like a firecracker.
    I didn't know that you sign? I took some ASL classes in college. Fingerspelling and ASL 1 and 2. They were really helpful to me when my kids were little because they learn sign quicker than speaking. So cool.
    Thanks for linking up to FBF. Hope you have a great, great weekend.