Thursday, September 25, 2008

why i love being a photographer:
  • i can capture my point of view as ART
  • they say "a picture is worth a thousand words...."
  • i love the feel of the camera in my hands
  • the world is a beautiful place, full of love and life and memories.... and i can savor that always with a photograph
  • there are stories out there that only i can tell, that only i can share
  • people can be their true selves in front of my lens, and i am blessed to get to know them
  • i can give a gift
  • i am an artist
  • i truly enjoy the process: location, personality, shooting, encouraging, editing, and giving
  • then i can use my creations in my other hobby: scrapbooking (it all goes hand in hand)
my mum took this picture of me getting ready to shoot the ceremony at shelby's wedding. i didn't even notice, or see the picture till i started editing. i <3 it. it pretty much captures me, in that moment, doing what i love to do. see the slight smile on my face, amidst the concentration?? :P
its special to me.
thanks mum.


  1. i love this post, probably because most of those are the reasons i LOVE being a photographer. :)

  2. you should definately get a digital SLR.... hey! check out my new blog.

    my old blog


  3. Great picture!! I always seem to be behind a camera too. I love photos!

  4. this is so right.

    my dad is often with me on photoshoots, and he sneeks pictures of me hard at 'work' while i'm not looking.
    and i see them. and my heart just melts.

    it's like.
    yes. this is me.
    this is what i love.

    best present ever. agreed.
    (yes. best friends!)

  5. love this post.

  6. LOL! I guess we were on the same wavelength! What a whore, whoring your blog out in a comment. And what a whore I am coming to look at it, teehee! TFS and thanks for the comment!

  7. thanks, shaina. do you do all digital scrapbooking or just scan your pages? i need some scrapbooking inspiration. i really want to go to some sort of retreat or something it usually gets thrown to the side for summer, but now its time to get going. ugh my scrapbook/ everthing storage room is in such disarray. i've got albums and albums of scrapbooking, but since i finished my wedding album ( a year ago) i've had a tough time getting really into it. i guess the wedding one took it all out of me. AND i'd like to redo/ add more to it. augh. too bad you weren't coming for longer, we could get some serious scrapbooking done..... will you need lots of service time then too? angela

    p.s thanks for the comment. my old blog was mainly about wedding planning. i'm hoping this one is more interesting.

  8. love the post. totally captures some of the great things about photography and inspires all the photo gals out there.
    what a great talent to have and share with others.