Thursday, August 28, 2008

something good today....

i found myself a second job!!! wahoo! i'm going to be working at my favorite little coffee stand here in town called "maranda's." since all our car trouble, and needing to get a new car, we're a little short on funds. so i went in there this morning, ordered a coffee and asked if she needed some help in her shop. i told her i want to keep my other job, but could work from opening to just before 10 so i have time to get over and open instant cash. she said that's exactly when she is needing some help! I START ON TUESDAY!!! so excited. defiantly an answer to some prayers. :)

coffee land: here i come!! :D :D


  1. Congrats!!! I hope I'm that blessed if I have to find a second job!!!

    Hope your first day is perfect!!

  2. Yay! I'm a bit jealous 'cause I'm looking for a little something extra, and not coming up with anything. Good luck, though!

  3. i loooooove your l.o.!! it's perfect - very cool!! well, i'm so flattered to by your go-to girl but i'm not not sure i'm worthy...hee hee. well, let me tell you setting up my blog was much more complicated than i thought but i learned A LOT!! follow the directions on this link and you should do just fine!!

    now what's nice about this is that you don't lose your widgets and stuff and it's pretty good if you follow the directions but you may have to tweak a bit. it's really good for learning how html works - it's actually pretty basic! if you change it and you have little things that bug you still just send me an email and i'll give ya a hand!! good luck my dear!! (-:

  4. Oh watch out, WORKING at a coffee shop has its PERKS thats for sure:) I used to work in one and I used to be buzzzzzzzzzzzed, hehe. Sounds like a fun little job though, awesome girl!

  5. congrats on the new job, I hope everything works out!!

  6. yay! okay, seriously i was a coffee girl for almost 6 years, i put myself through college doing it. its soooo much fun.

    have you done coffee before? i can tell you how to get good tips and it doesn't involve wearing a bikini. (DO YOU HAVE THOSE GODAWFUL PLACES BY YOU??)

    haha, let me know if you wanna know the secrets...