Thursday, August 14, 2008

happy mail addition.... an e-mail

*tears of joy*

i received an e-mail from a sister today that warmed my heart. it is such a blessing to be part of this world-wide brotherhood. here is part of what she said:

"Jehovah has promised us deep joy, but not always happiness everyday. Something that really struck a study that I had was the realization that no one comes to Jehovah unless he draws them first. He sees something that he likes and then draws you in. Jehovah has also obligated himself to take care of us. he has to. He said he would, and He cannot lie. These thoughts keep me going."

so thank you gwen. you don't know how much i needed that today.

so after all my happiness from the mail... i got a call from chris. one of our cars is dead. he's going to try and make it home and take it to a mechanic tomorrow. we'll see what happens. we really DO NOT have money for this right matter what the problem is. so i'm going to do my best to just trust that jehovah will take care of us. i'm taking our other car to get the oil changed tonight after work. its been acting up lately too. hoping all it needs is a little attention. if we end up having to use just one car, chris will have to drop me off at work at 6 am every morning. that means i'll be at the office 4 hours before i even open. i guess i'll just have to bring some scrapbooking stuff and slam out some layouts! (that's me trying to be optimistic!)

man its hard to go from such a high to such a low all in one day....


  1. i needed that too:)

    great blog and of your flickr:)

  2. thanks for stopping by kim...and for posting.

    i hope you know i'm thinking of ya!