Thursday, July 17, 2008

till the cows come home...

yeah, no real reason for the title on this... just wanted to say something other than: "update" LOL.

i realize its been a week already since i posted. a lot happens in a week. and most of it i don't really want to talk about...

the convention was spiritually filling...lots of wonderful information, per usual, and two new fantastic books! :D i've already started reading the one. i'm not going to name them here for fear i would spoil the surprise for others who have not had their convention yet. other than spiritually the weekend was really hard for me.
kinda beyond words. nothing big i guess, just me...inside my head....

so lets focus on the future!!
tonight chris and i are going to the midnight showing of the new batman movie!!! so excited! and i've never gone to a midnight movie before, so this should be fun. we're going to eat dinner, nap for awhile, and then go. i love doing spontaneous things like this together. i love my husband!

so far my diet is kicking my ass!!! i have never been so hungry in my entire life!!
ok, probably an exaggeration, but that's how i'm feeling. doing pretty good though. lost a few pounds already. nothing visually noticeable, but that will come with time. i just hope i can stick to it. chris is seriously so supportive. he even said we should smuggle in some tea and lettuce into the movie tonight! :P silly boy. but he is trying to help.

i guess that's all for now...i've got some scrappy projects i'm working on. a couple pages done, and some new ideas floating in my head. hoping to finish jen and derrik's book now that i have my blades for my cutter! :D

till later then....

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