Wednesday, July 30, 2008

and again!!

i had a really nice past few days. the surprise party for jon and mercades was awesome! we all so pulled it off. they had no idea! i love it when surprises work out. :D i'm really hard to surprise. kinda wish i wasn't.... oh well. :(

monday i went home to omak to visit my parents for a couple of day. my dad needed some computer help and we got to spend the afternoon together. it was really nice. i've been missing them a lot lately. we will be going back up there on friday for the weekend, so i'm looking forward to that.

i signed up for another class over at SIStv. its ashely wren's class called: unpredictable requests. lets just say that so far its pretty much awesome! can't really share anything till the class is finished, but i so getting some great inspiration! :D

i'm hoping to finish jennifer and derrik's scrapbook today so that i can give it to them this weekend. we're all gonna be around for gwen and anthony's wedding. so that's what i'm off to do...

have a great day! :D

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