Saturday, April 12, 2008

yesterday was a good day.

the batteries on my camera died or i'd have other pictures and a new 365. oops. charging as we speak!
last night after work chris and i decided to head to moses lake for dinner and a movie. we also called a few friends to meet up with us. our friend ben from moses and allan and tonya wavaday (the other couple that moved into the ephrata hall when we did). we went to the golden coral for dinner. yum. good steak. and then we went and saw the movie "leatherheads" with george clooney and renee' zelwiger. i really liked the movie. it is a romantic comedy with football!! the cinematography was great. beautiful shots and great lighting. i laughed out loud a lot. but that's nothing new i suppose. :P here are some fun shots from the movie.

in other news: tonight at 6:30 one of my really good friends is getting married in tonasket. his name is Ty and i used to work with him at the omak wells fargo. all of his family is in california and can't afford to come up for the wedding, so chris and i are going as his supporters! should be a good time. hopefully i'll have some pictures to share later.

on monday the other lady that got hired here at instant cash starts. its gonna be pretty crazy in here for a bit. my boss has to go to court for some things with her other job so i'm going to be mostly training the other new lady. cool eh?

i'm also planning on getting my hair done this weekend. we are going to stay at my parents place tonight in omak and then go home through wenatchee and stop to visit there. hannah said we could get together for her to do my hair. you'll have to wait and see what we come up with!!

hope you all have a great weekend!

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