Monday, April 14, 2008

Ty and Angela Johnson

chris and i went to tonasket for ty's wedding on saturday. what fun. it was a small simple ceremony but they look so in love. i'm really happy for them both.

i didn't end up getting my hair done. we didn't get to wenatchee in time before the store closed so hannah is going to get everything she needs and i'll go down there on wednesday night after work. that way i can get my hair done and chris can go to band practice. he is officially "back in the band!" the guys have missed him so much. so we're going to see how often we can get down there a month so he can practice and stuff. it will be good for him to have a creative musical outlet. i'm excited. it will be like old times!

today april started at work. she's great. its going to be fun training her. we get along good so far.

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