Wednesday, April 09, 2008

missing these girls today....

channa, me, jessie, and kimi

salma and me

me and amanda

these pictures are from Lori and Josh's wedding a few weeks ago. these are some of my really good friends from Spokane. i really miss them a lot. missing my old life a bit today. i called the scrapbook store that i used to work at and talked to all my "wednesday girls." a group of older ladies that i got to know really well in the time i worked there. it feels good to know that i am missed as well.

speaking of scrapbooking....

i've got a couple of projects in the works right now. two wedding albums (for my cousin jennifer and friend lori) and an "everyday life" book about chris and i and our life together. i've got the perfect paper for jennifer's album. really excited to get started on that!

well that's all for now. i've got a picture to post later to add to my 365. i'm having fun playing with my photo editing program. :)

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