Thursday, July 12, 2007

Mrs. Longstreet

First off i want to appologize for being pretty much MIA on here for the last few months. planning a wedding is a lot of work....especially from 3 hours away. i know...excuses, excuses. anyway, i'm back.

JUNE 22, 2007

my new favorite day. the day i became the wife of the most amazing man. my chris. :) our wedding went so well. everything was so simple and perfect and just how we wanted it.

this is my favorite picture from our wedding. there is just something about it. i think it perfectly captures the love that we have for each other.

this is us walking down the isle together. this picture is also probably my favorite shot of my wedding dress. i found it at David's Bridal in Spokane and my dear friend Kimi was able to alter it for me to make it perfect. she added the brown sash and the sheer neckline. i love my dress. it was just what i wanted and it made me feel so beautiful!

chris's dad gave our wedding talk, which just added to the intimacy of our wedding day. it was very personal and humorous and so very us. there were a couple times we laughed pretty hard.


the reception was lovely. we had it at a small bistro-style reseraunt owned by a sister. they made meals for all of our guests and she also baked our wedding cake...and it turned out perfectly. it was so nice to have all of our close friends and family there to share our amazing day with us.

i feel so blessed to have found a love like ours in this system of things. i thank jehovah every day for my husband and the life we have together. :)

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