Friday, July 20, 2007

in search of a new job

yup, you've guessed it.... once again i am in search of a new job. the reasons? i think that pushing products on people when they come in simply to make a small deposit is not right. i'm not comfortable with it and i'm not doing well with that being the main focus of my job. my boss is not pleased with my lack of results in the sales department....even though im the best teller she's got. oh well, its just time to move on.

i've got a few different prospects. i was offered a job at David's Bridal. that would be a fun job, but still stressful and its also commision based pay, which is something to consider. there are a few scrapbooking stores i have applied at. i would really like to get back into that business. i miss it a lot. i'm also planning on just taking my resume to a bunch of different offices up on the hill to see about maybe a receptionist job.

well, whatever happens i know that jehovah will take care of me. he has so far.

chris and i are doing really good. we're having a lot of fun just being together. we cook together and hang out and do our family study. we've both been pretty stressed out with our jobs, but it makes such a difference knowing there is somehome at home waiting for you. it is a real comfort.

anyway, just a quick update. now its back to the grind....headache and all. laters! :)

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