Saturday, February 10, 2007

homesick for the first time

i went to wenatchee on wednesday night to see chris for the first time in like a month... never letting it go that long again. that was way too hard on me.

strange thing though... i got homesick for spokane while i was there. never before in my life have i ever really been homesick. i've had so many different "homes" so i've never been not at home. till now.... this city is so my home! i love being here.

it was so nice to be with chris again. i miss that man!

life is good. life is hard. life is brilliant!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Shaina!
    You wouldn't have had to wait a month to see Chris if you came to OUR DANCE!!!!:)
    Glad you're having fun in Spokane...even if you don't miss us, we're "homesick" for you! Especially on Tuesday nights!!
    Love Pam and Loo