Wednesday, January 03, 2007


the first day of the rest of my life.

not the greatest day, by far. 1st day at the bank was harder than i expected. not harder really...just different. you might think: "oh yea...i've done this before." but its not the same. not the same at all. as i have now learned, every bank runs things their own way. i feel very inadequate and strangely out of place in a world that should be familiar to me. i've been a bank teller for 9 months. i cried today. yeah...pretty bad. pretty pathetic too.

but i'll be okay.

i know i can do this.

its just a matter of pretty much erasing everything i thought i knew about banking and starting from scratch. maybe i'll learn it right this time.

in other news: the other aspect of my move is off to great start. i went to my first meeting in my new hall on tuesday night. the sign language group meets with the regular english congregation, so i am still able to get spiritual food from the meeting, even though i don't understand all the signs yet. but cool things: i was a substitute householder for a talk, and gave a comment on the bible highlights and in the KM parts. i met the brothers there, got my magazine order done and joined the school. and made arrangements for service for the rest of this week. :) :) good evening.

i feel wanted and needed. i feel like i can perhaps be used by jehovah in his organization. i'm going to try my best. a younger sister in the ASL group is going to be helping me with signing. right now they don't have a class like they normally do, so she's kind of going to take me under her wing and study over things with me. i can't wait. i'm so looking forward to this!

so service tomorrow and friday morning. that will be good.

then i'll try the bank again friday afternoon. i'll keep you posted.

(and micah....thanks. i love you)

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