Friday, January 05, 2007

snow fall and city lights

tonight was "first friday" downtown spokane. artwork all over the place...galeries....people....
but oh was the snow falling and the wind blowing. quite a night.

there was a big group of us walking around downtown from place to place. looking at all the artwork and just hanging out. lory's mom, angela is an artist and had a lot of her work on display and entered one painting in a contest. great stuff.

then we had reservations at the coolest place called ella's. its a jazz lounge. awesome! good music; good food! great people.

i had a wonderful evening.....

today wasn't that bad either. early morning service with jade and mercades. bus stops and deaf search and telephone witnessing. then regular service. i'm learning more signs every day. and just being around it all the time, i'm slowly picking up on it just from watching conversations.

i went to work @ 1. was late... still getting used to timing the drive. it will be no problem once we're in our apartment. its only 5 minutes from the bank. but i did a bit better today. i got 2 sales and felt productive. still a learning process. but i'm trying. really trying.

tomorrow i work in the morning and then i'm planning on going to wenatchee to see chris. i hope that the weather will cooperate with me. :P we'll see.

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