Monday, January 15, 2007


on saturday my parents and came from omak with a u-haul full of all of my stuff. chris was here already, and so we all got together with some of my other friends and moved all my stuff into the apartment in less than an hour. wow! :-0

i can't beleive im really moving in and on my own.

in other news: lory is no longer moving out with me. some things have happened and decisions right now is just not the right time for her to move.

but jehovah always provides! the same day i found out about the things with lory, a sister in the ASL group, jade, found out that she had to find herself a new place to live. so...jehovah answered both our prayers in the same provision. she has a place to live and i have a new roommate. i'm so excited. i dont' really know her very well, but she seems so sweet. and having her around all the time will make learning asl easier. i'm really looking forward to getting started!

that is all for now...working, service, unpacking.

so grateful!

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