Saturday, December 16, 2006

party party party

tonight was my going-away party.
what fun!!

kind of bitter/sweet, you excited about moving and excited about my gifts and starting my new life and moving into my apartment...but at the same time sad to leave this place i've called my home for the last 11 years.

it is time for change. i am eager to embrace it!!

one of the coolest presents that i got tonight was from my mom.

yes...that is a pink vacuum!! how cool, right? so excited! the card she put with it said: "this present really sucks." i know, right?! haha. good stuff.

i got lots of kitchen things, like frying pans, and a pink strainer and knives, and measuring cups. good stuff. and lots of toilet paper, too. won't be running out of that for a bit.

the biggest joke of the night was about how i'm going to be living off of ramen noodles. supposedly i'm going to write a "pioneer cookbook" for them. all the different ways to prepare ramen noodles. so everyone was going on and on about it...and then all the sudden i opened this big wrapped box and it was a HUGE supply of noodles. oodles of noodles!! soooo funny!

it was a really nice evening. lots of laughter, a few tears, and an honest send-off for me. i feel like i've made everyone proud. they're excited for me to start my new life and expand my ministry. i had a good day! :)

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