Wednesday, December 13, 2006

the countdown has begun....

i officially have 19 days left in omak. i can't beleive it. i'm finally getting out!!! yay! haha...everyone's dream: to leave their small little town for a big-city adventure. the cool thing is that its a spiritual adventure too. i'm getting really excited.

this saturday nanny sue is throwing a going away party for me. all the sisters from my congregation and a few from some of the surrounding ones are invited. its going to be a lot of fun. hopefullly i'll get some of the things im desperatly needing for my new appartment. i know that my mom bought me a vacuume...a pink one in fact! lol. good stuff. she says: "sorry shai, but the present i bought you really sucks..." and i guessed what it was. i am her daughter after all...20 years of getting and laughing at each others jokes. i'm going to miss that...and miss her.

over the weekend jennifer and i went to summerland for one last "good canada trip" before i move. we SO needed it. lazy days...good! (yay) then sunday night i got to go to a recording studio and sing a jingle for a radeo comercial that my dad needed. pretty stinkin' cool! so that was fun. it was nice to spend some real time just with jen before i leave. i am going to miss that girl like nobody's business!

service is good.
life is good.
i am a good liar! lol.
i guess its not all lies...i have so many reasons to smile.

missing chris something terrible right now. its been 2 and half weeks since i've seen him. the distance thing is really hard. harder that i thought it would be. and now i'm moving even farther away....good. jen and i are going down on sunday for band practice, so i'll get to see him then. can't wait. i miss that guy!

good night for now...good night for later. :)

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